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December 18, 2013


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I was shivering as I walked through the forest.
I wasn’t shaking from how nervous I was with what I was about to do. I was shivering because it was freaking cold outside!
It was well after midnight and I was well into the forest and a little voice in my head was bitching at me for doing this so late and should have done this during the day when it was warm.
But I choose to do this now. It had to be now because I was motivated to become a dragon and I had the full determination to do it.
If I waited until morning, I just knew I would lose the determination and would never have the confidence to do this.
Shaking like crazy, I adjusted my messenger bag which was slightly heavy with my laptop computer now added to it.
I wasn’t going to leave behind my beloved computer. I’d find a way to keep it charged and have wifi access.
Walking further into the forest, I soon came to the bottom of a cliff.
Looking around in the full moon light, I soon spotted a cave off to the right and ran over to it.
Dropping off my bag inside, I then ran around and gathered some twigs to make a fire with.
Once I gathered enough, I ran back to the cave, piled up the twigs and a few fallen branches into a tent like fire structure.
Tearing out a blank page from my sketchbook, I crumpled it up and tucked it into the fire wood tent.
I then got out a lighter and lit the paper, blowing on it gently to encourage the burning page.
Within a few minutes, I had successfully started my own fire.
Smiling in victory, I basked in the warmth and thawed out my frozen body.
Why couldn’t this Liam person have contacted me during the summer? I thought as I thawed my frozen fingers. At least it isn’t this cold during the summer nights.
It took a while but I soon noticed that I had stopped shivering and was feeling sleepy.
Knowing that it was now or over, I then reached over and grabbed my bag.
After first adjusting the shoulder strap to be extended to its fullest for my soon larger size, I then reached into the side pocket and pulled out the vial.
Sighing shakily, I stared at the vial of green liquid that glowed in the firelight.
Was I honestly ready for this? Did I really want to leave behind my parents?
I then shook my head of my doubts.
I needed this. I needed to change my life from what it was.
I’m tired of being alone. I’m tired of being considered a freak. I’m exhausted from feeling like I was a slave to my parents.
I wanted, more than anything, to fly with the wings of a dragon.
With newfound determination, I twisted off the cork and tossed it aside.
“Here’s to……whatever sort of life there is coming for me.” I said to myself aloud in a toast.
I then quickly drank the potion before I had second thoughts and tossed the vial away when I was finished.
After the glass shattered against the rocky wall of the cave, I just sat there waiting.
The taste of the potion still lingered in my mouth.
It was sweet yet a little spicy. Suddenly that ‘little spice’ became as hot as sriracha sauce and burned down my throat.
The heat then spread over my body and I suddenly felt like I had been punched in the stomach by a truck!
Yelping in pain, I doubled over as the pain flared everywhere.
“Holy SHIT!” I screamed as I lurched forward and forced myself to prop myself up with right arm.
I then felt burning pain shoot down my arms and looked as best as I good at the one I was propping myself up with.
A red glow spread over my arm right under my skin and pain followed with it.
My nails then started growing and turning black as night.
My eyes then widened as the skin on my fingers then started splitting as my nails grew.
Now the skin splitting oddly didn’t hurt at all. Which I just found extremely weird.
But what weirded me out more was that as some skin peeled away from my index finger, I saw my whole finger had hardened and looked exactly like my nails.
I then gasped as more skin peeled away as I realized that my whole fingers were turning into sharp pointed claws!
The realization was quickly tossed aside as I suddenly screamed in pain again and moved my other arm away from me, seeing it was changing at the same rate as my right arm.
As I felt something strange going in with my feet inside my shoes, I was soon on my hands and knees, screaming in pain as my transformation continued.
My back was next as I felt something shifting under my shirt.
Before I could even brace myself, I screamed bloody murder as something tore and exploded out of my back.
Shaking from all the pain, I look over my shoulder and gasp.
Wings! i….i had wings!
And not just any wings, the all too familiar black bat like wings of my all time favorite breed of dragon.
A Nightfury!
I was becoming a Nightfury!
Excitement drowning out my fears, I braced myself now for the rest of the changes.
Taking a look at my arms, I saw what little exposed skin I had literally shedding off my arm and revealing glossy midnight black scales.
It took a moment but I then saw my arm start to thicken with muscle.
My pants then suddenly felt tight on my legs and I just had a feeling the same thing was happening to them as well.
I then arched my back as pain shot down it and I felt my spine being stretched out.
I soon dropped my head as I felt the burning heat spread up through my neck and over my skull.
Come on! Bring it! I willed the pain as I waited for what was going to happen come next.
I then wish I had more time to brace myself better as the pain in my head became excruciating.
I screamed as I felt my head getting larger and changing shape.
Clumps of my hair then started falling out and dropping to the ground as my head change.
I then had to close my eyes as everything got blurry and they started to sting.
With my eyes closed, I focused on what I was feeling as I tried to endure.
My body was getting larger as it grew rapidly. I then heard my pants tearing apart at the seams as my legs got bigger.
I then heard one all mighty RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPP as I felt my tail starting to grow out from my behind.
Even with scales, I soon felt my tearing cloths fall off as I grew larger.
My hands and feet turned into large paws, my tail grew longer, my wings got larger and I felt the long ear flaps finally start growing out of the back of my head along with six smaller flaps.
I soon felt the pain started to fad as the changes started slowing down.
I stood there, on my new four paws, trembling from the pain as I waited for it all to end.
And just when I thought it was over, I felt a sting pain out of nowhere.
The sting spread over my eyes, over my forehead, along the sides of my body right down to my tail tip and across the middle of my wings.
Only once the pain was over did I flop over onto my side, breathing heavily.
I was exhausted from the pain, the transformation and it being so late in the night.
So after everything calmed down, I promptly passed out.
It wasn’t until morning when I finally came around.
Groaning, I shifted a bit as I slowly started to wake up, taking a deep inhale of the morning air.
As I woke up more, I then noticed how different my body was now.
Thankfully nothing ached as I moved, probably due to the cold air over night.
My new tail twitched before I felt it curling around me, making me smile a bit.
Standing up, I kept my eyes closed and shook myself out.
Moment of truth…. I thought as I then squeezed my eyes closed before opening them wide up.
I had to blink a few times to rid my eyes of the fog but soon everything sharpened.
I then quickly gasped as I looked around with my new eyes.
Everything looked sharper, richer and brighter. The colors around me were in a completely different range than what it was before with my human eyes.
My new ears then perked as I heard the wind blow through the trees and I swear I heard a car hooking in the distance. But I knew the nearest street was miles away and not a few feet.
Even the scents I was picking up were better. I was picking up scents I never would have noticed before when I used to be human.
After taking that moment to marvel at my new senses, I then decided it was time to take a look at my new form.
Walking out of the cave on all fours, which honestly felt like the most normal thing to me, I stepped out into the sunlight and sat down.
I then finally looked over myself and my joy sky rocketed.
I was a Nightfury! An ACTUAL Nightfury!
Black scales, large bat wings, secondary wings at the base of my tail and fins at the tip.
It took some effort but I tilted my head and felt my head with my new front paw. I smiled even more at feeling the long flap of my ear and smaller sensory flaps on the back of my jaw bone and in between my long ears.
“I…..i can’t believe it.” I said happily as I looked at my paws. “I’m a dragon! I’m an actual dragon!”
It was as I was speaking of my joy that I noticed something.
I still had my human voice. I didn’t speak in grunts and growls like the dragons in the movie and tv show.
Maybe that was just a bonus? Like in case I got captured and had to explain myself to my captures or whatever.
Either way, I was thankful I could still speak human. Would probably make things easier if I ever came across humans.
It was as I was looking myself over that I noticed something else about myself.
I wasn’t all black scales.
Along both my sides was a thick royal purple stripe that ran all the way down to the tip of my tail.
Curious, I stretched out my wings and saw a larger purple stripe along the middle portion of my wings.
My wings then just dropped in realization as my jaw dropped.
My Nightfury persona I created! I had actually become my persona!
If that was true, then I probably had purple around my eyes and a teal tear drop crest on my forehead.
Hopefully I have my unique ability to actually whip lightning from the tip of my tail like how I had my persona. Along with my heterchromia eyes, the left green and the right an icy blue.
I would have to find some sort of reflective surface since I didn’t pack a mirror in my bag.
But if there was purple striping along the sides of my body and across my wings, I just had to have the other markings on my head.
As another breeze passed by, I tingling sensation spread over my body and my wings.
I then breathed breathlessly as I looked up at the sky.
I was a dragon now. More excitingly important, a Nightfury of my persona.
Excitement soaring, I stood and stretched out my wings to their fullest.
It was then like instinct kicked in and my tail adjusted itself as well.
Not wanting to wait any longer, I jumped and flapped my wings hard.
I was a little shaky at first but I was soon flying like I had been doing it all my life!
Looking down, I smiled greatly at the site of the forest far below me.
I was flying! Actually flying! And it was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had in my life!
Right now, I didn’t care want I was leaving behind. I was finally truly happy for the first time in my life.
After flying around for a while, I then turned and headed back to my cave.
I may be far out into the forest, but I didn’t want to risk being seen already.
Stretching out my paws, I landed and galloped to a stop.
I then trotted over to the cave and sat down before it.
As I looked up at the sky, I then began to wonder something.
I was a dragon now. I could fly to places my parents could never afford to go to for vacations. Not that I could really join in on the fun and crowds. But I’d have the credit to say I had been there.
But after I saw the world, what then?
Where would I go? Where would I live that was out of human reach?
And what were the chances that there would be other dragons out there?
All these questions circled about in my head as I tried to think of what to do.
I then glanced at my messenger bag and recalled the note I had tucked into it.
Dragon Island. That’s from where the potion I drank came from right? If I found this island, would I be safe there?
I then made my decision as I carefully picked up my bag and hid it in a darker, shadowy area of the cave.
I’d have to fly back home later and use the wireless net to contact Liam Russo.
He’s the one that gave me this gift. Maybe he would know where Dragon Island was.
Plan set, I then wandered out of the cave and sniffed around for a moment.
I was starting to get hungry and I knew that fish was a Nightfury’s prime food source.
Soon picking up the scent of water, I took off into the air again to go hunting for the first time as a dragon.
i drink the potion FINALLY 8D

Original plot belongs to :iconkornmetalmaggot:
but this spin off is mine.
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Rekalnus Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome new fury'

AmethysttheFury Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
^w^ thank you.
KornMetalMaggot Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Astonishing! I love how its going so far! Keep up the awesome job!
AmethysttheFury Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
^w^ i'm so happy that you love my work still.
i'm going to be posting chapters up daily until it's caught up with went i have on file. after that, i'll be posting weekly.
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