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It wasn’t until sundown that we finally reached land off the coast of Nova Scotia.
Lance and I were too exhausted to go out and hunt for food. And with the cubs still asleep, we didn’t think they were either.
So after strolling the beach, we found a nice cave and bunked down for the night.
It was very early the next morning when the cubs started begging for food that we woke up.
After satisfying the girls with fresh fish and a deer I found, we soon had the cubs back in the saddles and took off.
Within minutes, we were within the United States of America and flying over Massachusetts.
We then come into New York and soon Pennsylvania before heading straight west.
We did make a stop in Ohio on an island in Lake Erie.
There, we let the girls have a break from riding and just run around for a bit.
I also just relaxed in the shade of the trees as I watched the girls, Lance going off to hunt.
I was starting to believe that part of the pregnancy where you start to feel fatigued was beginning to hit me.
My wings were starting to ache slightly from I guess the weight I was gaining from the pregnancy.
And at almost three weeks, my belly was really starting to show now. It was a firm mound of scales attached to my stomach.
My belly was indeed very firm, not a single lump of an egg to be felt. There must be a layer of fat between my hide and the eggs to protect them and provide comfort.
Also, it felt really amazing to rub my belly. Doing so just seemed to ease the slow straining of my stretched hide as the eggs grew fast within me.
There had to seriously be a reason why I was growing so fast. This… can’t be normal to be growing this fast!
I was now glad I was missing out on the Berk lair. Who knows what those Boneknappers would have done if the noticed my stomach. Let alone whatever that monster was back in China.
Soon Lance returned with fish for me and the girls and we ate up as he went back out to fish for himself.
Once we had our fill, I took a short nap, because again, I was getting fatigued.
We then got the cubs back on us and took off once again.
Flying all day, we didn’t land again until we were outside Dodge City, Kansas where I just passed out.
I was indeed suffering fatigue as I nearly passed out several feet before we landed.
Thankfully, Hayley was safe from the fall, but Lance was still concerned.
“Are you sure you can make it the rest of the way?” He asked once he was sure the eggs and myself were alright. “You’re starting to get exhausted. I can tell love.”
“We have to make it Lance.” I said as I curled up on my hot bed of coals, the girls snuggled up close to me. “Lukas is counting on us. So are these two. We have to get them back to Dragon Island where they can be back with Angela. If we stop out here, who knows how long it’ll be until I can fly again.”
Sighing, Lance nodded and nuzzled me. “Alright then. But we are taking more breaks so you can rest. I don’t want you passing out high up in the sky and drop with one of the girls on you.”
I nodded and nuzzled him back. “If you think that’s best. Honestly, I don’t want to fall out of the sky either.”
Lance smiled at me and then licking me lovingly. “I love you Ame. So much.”
“I love you too Lance.” I purred as I nuzzled him back.
He then curled up around me and stayed close, draping his wing over me.
I snuggled close to him and then closed my eyes, falling asleep from both the warmth coming from the coals and from my mate.
It took us about two more days until we cross the Arizona/California border.
The girls were excited when we told them we were almost home.
I was also now officially three weeks pregnant and my weight gain was really starting to increase.
The weight wasn’t weighing me down yet but I did notice there was a slight drag as I flew.
If things kept progressing like they were, it wouldn’t be very long until I was grounded from the weight.
But I had to stay focused. We were almost there to the finish and soon getting these cubs home to their mother.
And this morning before we took off, I told Lance that I wanted to have the eggs on Dragon Island.
It was a safe secure place away from humans, enemy dragons and everything else.
And Lance agreed. He felt too that it would be unsafe to lay the eggs at Nadder’s Beach.
Sure there were my loyal soldiers and friends, but I just didn’t feel safe having the eggs there.
We were going to make a stop at Nadder’s Beach and inform Stormfly what was going on. But right after that, we were heading to Dragon Island.
We were about half way across California with the ocean in sight when our good luck had run out.
Out of nowhere, a Whispering Death came out of the clouds and attacked.
“WHISPERING DEATH!” Lance screamed as he quickly dodged its spiraling stream of fire.
Hayley, who was with him, screamed from the sudden barrel roll and ducked into the pouch.
Once I got a quick look to see that they were safe, I looked back and saw the flying eel come at me.
Yelping, I took off as fast as my heavy belly would allow.
“Stay in the pouch Anna!” I said to the cub as I dove. “We can’t let it see you!”
“Otay Miss Ame!” the scared cub said back to me.
The dragon chasing us roared and I quickly dodged to the right before it could release its flame.
After a few attempts to shake it off, I soon came to realize that it was dead set on capturing me.
“I have to lose this thing!” I said as I pulled every aerial tactic I could think of to try and lose the Whispering Death. Where’s Lukas when I need him?
After a moment, I then heard the dragon begin to inhale gas to fire another shot.
Taking a chance, I inhaled my own gas as quick as I could before the Whispering Death could fire.
Thankfully, with the flying eel having an incredibly larger mouth then me, it took it twice as long to gas the gas it needed to fire.
Even so, I had about a half charge mouthful of gas before I turned and pulled the very stunt that ended the Red Death.
My plasma blast went right into the dragon’s gapping maw and ignited its gas.
The beast then stupidly inhaled and allowed the flames to flow into its lungs.
I then watched at the Whispering Death stopped chasing after me as the head soon exploded, the spiked tail dropping to the forest far below.
“I’ve really had enough of them.” I said as I turned right side up and flew straight. “You still there Anna?”
“Y-yes!” she squeaked. “No like scawy eel thingy.”
“Whispering Death, sweetie.” I said as I started looking for Lance. “And honestly, no one really likes them.”
I soon spotted him and to my great dismay, saw he was being attacked by another Whispering Death.
“Anna hold on!” I told her as I then pulled in my wings and dove.
Feeling the cub was curled up tightly in the back of the pouch, I narrowed my eyes on my target.
But as I glared at this abomination of a dragon, I noticed something.
This Whispering Death was the same one that attacked me five years ago! The same one that more intelligent than the others.
Thinking fast, I recalled the bargaining chip I still had that had been moved a little after we had rescued the eggs from that forest hidden base.
After seeing Lance be whipped by the dragon’s tail, I snarled and fired a plasma blast at it.
That got it’s attention as made it snarl at me.
“YOU!” He actually spoke as his milky white eyes widened at the sight of me. “You were the one that escaped!”
“And with good reason!” I roared back as I then came to hover in the air before him. “I wasn’t about to be used to force breed an army of dragons for some sicko human!”
The dragon hissed at me. “Stupid Nightfury! You know nothing! You who steal our eggs!”
“What?!” I exclaimed as I stared at him. “WE steal the eggs?!”
“Yes!” The Whispering Death snarled at me. “You stupid reptiles have been stealing our eggs for years! It’s because of human warriors our eggs are returned.”
“No! That isn’t true!” I said as I shook my head. “My kind has not once stolen your breed’s eggs! It was the humans that did so!”
“I speak the truth!” I roared louder than him. “The humans were the ones that stole the eggs! They took them and kept them in temperature controlled boxes within shipping containers. And for every dragon you hand over to them, they return a number of eggs.”
“Why should I believe you?!” The dragon snarled at me. “You whose breed who has always attacked my kind!”
“Because shortly after I rescued the thousands of eggs of other breeds, I took a small team back to the very base where the eggs were held and took one container I had left behind out of spite.” I said in my commanding tone. “And as for the attacks, you attacked our kind for years! Starting with Toothless!”
The Whispering Death roared at me. “That wretch started it all! Attacking a cousin of mine and chasing him off a possible home!”
“That’s only because he was protecting the humans that lived on that island!” I said, starting to get frustrated that this conversation was going nowhere. “Look. This is a new age. Let’s just forget the fighting and end this now. You’re eggs are safe. I hide them in a cave deep within the California desert known as Death Valley. No humans can reach it. The shipping container with your eggs is there.”
The Whispering Death hissed and hovered toward me, glaring me in the eyes. “If you are lying….”
“I’m not!” I said as I glared back at him. “I may not like you, but humans have harmed us long enough. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings and we dragons are indeed sentient. Humans have no right whatsoever to contain us and steal our eggs. And that goes to all dragons.”
The Whispering Death finally closed his massive jaws and just glared at me. “Nightfury. Though I too do not tolerate your breed, I thank you for recovering out eggs. I can see it in your eyes that you do not lie about not taking our eggs. But do not think there is a truce between us because of this.”
I just nodded as I held my gaze.
Just as he was about to turn away, I thought of something that had concerned me since China.
“Wait!” I quickly said as I flew up to him. “Please. I must ask you something.”
“Get on with it then!” the Whispering Death snarled.
“Have you and your breed been working for the Boneknappers that once served for the Black Death?” I then asked, looking at him in concern.
“No! Why would we ever work for a breed of bone clattering imbeciles that find death and corpses as suitable decoration? It’s disgusting to say the least.” The dragon said as he narrowed his eyes. “Not to mention the number of Whispering Death’s they have killed to satisfy their sick sense of design.”
I nodded. “Alright. That’s all I needed to know.”
Snorting at me, the intelligent Whispering Death then took off, his tail whipping behind him.
Once he was gone, Lance flew up to my side and sighed. “That was close. Good thing we still had that bargaining chip stashed away.”
I nodded. “Yeah. Now let’s land. We have a pair of cubs that are no doubt terrified out of their minds.” I said as I then felt the shaking of Anna on my back.
Lance nodded and we then dove to the forest below to calm down Hayley and Anna.
yep. i'm posting again today!

still determined to get these girls back to their momma but we have to take more breaks so i don't exhaust myself.
also, we encounter a few Whispering Deaths! one i manage to kill but the other is that one that actually has some intelligence in him.
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hopefully handing over the eggs will keep the Whispering Deaths away from us.
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but then that damn little plot bunny wouldn't stop biting my ankles to post it so.....i did XD
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